Elders of GMS Weekly

The weekly show of GMS elders prophecying the End of The World…as we know it. Updated every week.

13 Responses to Elders of GMS Weekly

  1. Ahrad says:

    Shalawam Elders Ahchyam from Virginia Here Shalawam

  2. Mayakaahla Sapar / GMS New York says:

    Shalawam Elders,

    Yapah site, wa will be checking in to keep posted on updates. Rab ahab, wa shalawam la kal ha ahchyam throughout the world doing ha Lord’s work weekend wa weekout.

    Yahawah ba ha sham Yahawashi barak ahtham, shalam!

  3. Yaashya Banah/GMS Los Angeles says:

    Shalawam Elders wa Ahchyam,

    Great site. It’s cool that it works on the phone too, definitely will check for updates. Qam Yasharahla!

  4. Thawadah YAHAWAH ba ha sham YAHAWASHI for this beautiful site to further push the truth..Barak ahtham to the elect..Double honors to the elders…SHALAWAM !!!!

  5. Tazanawa Manatazach/GMS Seattle says:

    Shalam! Kal Halal Yahawah ba ha sham Yahawashi! wa Labachaaryam shal Yashalrahla! Thawadah to the Elders @ GMS for this website, videos, teachings, test, etc. If I don;t get a chance to meet you all on this side, I can’t wait to meet you all in the kingdom. Stay strong and God speed! see you all soon Lord’s Willin’!

  6. naqaya says:

    i reside in trinidad and i would like a break down of matt 19:9 which goes with luke 16:18 i don’t want to misinterpret but please help me understand and i would like your email address if possible. i really need to be righteous, perfect but i do have stubbling block and i am seeking help from you all


      Shalam, Naqaya is talking about in Matt 19:9 about being that clean virgin to the lord and not going in to other doctrine. 1 Tim 1:5-6


    Kal yadah hawad la yahawah wa yahawashi…thawadah to the ahchyam.
    Double honors the elders GMS.

  8. GMSSeattleTazanawa says:

    Shalam Elders! can you tell me the hebrew word for meek. I’ve already done my research on the word I just wanted to clarify if I am accurate. Thawadah in advance.
    Yahawah Ba Ha Sham Yahawashi Barak Ahtham!

  9. AJ says:

    I’m new to this truth but would like to know where in the locality of Norfolk Virginia could I find a teacher to help me further grow in this truth? Giving all praises to The Most High..

  10. Arrabbi says:

    The power that could be pressed thru a brother(thessamonial).and u elders is the hitt.Yahawah bah a shim YahawahShi

  11. Kenny says:

    I’m 17 I’m trying to talk to the elders someway or somebody fr cause i got big questions to ask other then all the edifying that GMS bring out . 4438584252 somebody shoot me a text plz I’m in Maryland and nobody know this I be in school trying tell people but i recently just got kicked out but the education bs hip to all that not trying sound pride but yea I’m tryin deal wit sumbdy bout my situation

  12. Very interesting details you have observed, regards for putting up.

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