Zechariah 5th Chapter Breakdown

A breakdown of the whole chapter of Zechariah 5th Chapter. Future prophecy concerning the curses to befall the nation of Israel.

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08 Daily Bread: Your Woman Will Not Help You Get Into The Kingdom Of Heaven Mixed

Your Woman Will Not Get You Into The Kingdom of Heaven

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You are INSANE if you want America to continue






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We follow the most Important Law of ALL: The LAW of FAITH

To those who call us “Faith” based Israelites. Faith is the only law that justifies the Elect.



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OBAMA: The HAM sandwich with extra CHEESE. Stage Act.

Obama recently presented a speech on ObamaScare. During his speech a pregnant woman passes out and Obama saves the day by catching her. As soon as I saw this I knew cheese on a ham sandwich. Obama the ham and the hired lady with the cheesy acting. I found a video online put together by a jake who exposed this stage act along with many other times Obama did the same thing. Here’s the link to the video:

Video exposing Operation Mockingbird:


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07 Daily Bread: 2Esdras 4th chapter reading plus commentary

A reading with commentary of 2 Esdras 4th chapter in the Apocrypha

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06 Daily Bread: Down To The Wire ReUp

Down to the wire is a term used in horse racing. There is a wire at the finish line. When the wining horse barely wins at the finish line against its competitors it is said that the race went “down to the wire”. This is synonymous to the point we are at in this truth. Listen in!


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05 Daily Bread: The Name Is What Separates Us From The 2/3

dailybread_300Shalam, the true name of The Most High and his son is what separates the Elect of Israel from the 2/3rds. Period. Listen in!

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04 Daily Bread: The Spiritual Meaning of The Passover Feast

The passover is not a huge yearly Israelite party. The passover is a solemn or “serious” assembly which mirrors a deep spiritual connection each Israelite man has with The Lord and his seal of deliverance.


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03 Daily Bread: Do You Lack Confidence, Faith, or Self Esteem brother? Then Listen to THIS.

Low faith, self esteem, and a lack of confidence is a demon that must be fought with the help of The Most High. If you sometimes feel intimidated by these devils, or get depressed with the “Woe is Me” demon. Break out of it. We are children of GOD and the ELECT at that. That is nothing to be depressed about!


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