Feeding the Flock

Here we will break down every chapter and give the proper interpretation of them. Along with visual aids to help you visualize the bible so that you get a better understanding of it.

What is the Bible?

The bible is a collection of books written by Israelite’s who had a connection with Yahawah throughout the early part of our civilization. It is a book written by its people, The Hebrew Israelites for Hebrew Israelites.

It documents the laws and guides for the Hebrews given by YAHAWAH on how to conduct our lives so that we can stay within God’s good graces so we receive his blessings. It also chronicles our people history and events which is interlaced with over 2,500 prophecies, 2,000 which have already come to pass which confirms that the bible is more than just an old book. The astounding part is that the remaining unfulfilled prophecies are still being played out til this day in front of our very eyes.

KJV 1611 Family Tree and Inserts

Introduction pages to the Bible which contain family trees, charts, and Maps.

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Old Testament

Book Author Date Written
1. Genesis Moses 3760-1445 B.C.
2. Exodus
Moses 1445-1405 B.C.
3. Leviticus
Moses 1405 B.C.
4. Numbers Moses 1444-1405 B.C.
5. Deuteronomy
Moses 1405 B.C.
6. Joshua
Joshua 1404-1390 B.C.
7. Judges
Samuel 1374-1129 B.C.
8. Ruth
Samuel 1150? B.C.
9. 1 Samuel
Samuel 1043-1011 B.C.
10. 2 Samuel
Ezra 1011-1004 B.C.
11. 1 Kings
Jeremiah 971-852 B.C.
12. 2 Kings
Jeremiah 852-587 B.C.
13. 1 Chronicles
Ezra 450-425 B.C.
14. 2 Chronicles
Ezra 450-425 B.C.
15. Ezra Ezra 538-520 B.C.
16. Nehemiah
Nehemiah 445-425 B.C.
17. Esther
Mordecai 465 B.C.
18. Job
Job ??
19. Psalms
David 1000? B.C.
Sons of Korah wrote Psalms 42, 44-49, 84-85, 87. Asaph wrote Psalms 50, 73-83. Heman wrote Psalm 88. Ethan wrote Psalm 89. Hezekiah wrote Psalms 120-123, 128-130, 132, 134-136. Solomon wrote Psalms 72, 127.
20. Proverbs
Solomon wrote 1-29
Agur wrote 30
Lemuel wrote 31
950-700 B.C.
21. Ecclesiastes
Solomon 935 B.C.
22. Song of Solomon
Solomon 965 B.C.
23. Isaiah
Isaiah 740-680 B.C.
24. Jeremiah
Jeremiah 627-585 B.C.
25. Lamentations
Jeremiah 586 B.C.
26. Ezekiel
Ezekiel 593-560 B.C.
27. Daniel
Daniel 605-536 B.C.
28. Hosea
Hosea 710 B.C.
29. Joel
Joel 835 B.C.
30. Amos
Amos 755 B.C.
31. Obadiah
Obadiah 840 or 586 B.C.
32. Jonah
Jonah 760 B.C.
33. Micah
Micah 700 B.C.
34. Nahum Nahum 663-612 B.C.
35. Habakkuk
Habakkuk 607 B.C.
36. Zephaniah
Zephaniah 625 B.C.
37. Haggai
Haggai 520 B.C.
38. Zechariah
Zechariah 520-518 B.C.
39. Malachi
Malachi 450-600 B.C.

Apocrypha Timeline

Book Author Date Written
40. 1 Esdras
Ezra the Profit 150 B.C
41. 2 Esdras Ezra the Profit 100 A.D
42. Tobit
Tobit the Profit 200 B.C
43. Judith
Un-named Jew of Palestine. 150 B.C
44. Additions to Esther Mordecai 465 B.C
45. Wisdom of Solomon
Un-named Jew (“the friends of Solomon in his honor.”) 30 B.C
46. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) Jesus, grandson of Sirach 32 B.C
47. Baruch
Baruch The Profit 100 A.D
48. Letter of Jeremiah (Baruch 6)
Jeremiah 200 B.C
49. Prayer of Azariah Azariah 100 B.C
50. Susanna Daniel 100 B.C
51. Bel and the Dragon
Daniel 100 B.C
52. Prayer of Manasseh Manasseh 150 B.C
53. 1 Maccabees Un-named Jew who lived Alexandria 110 B.C
54. 2 Maccabees Un-named Jew who lived Alexandria 100 B.C

New Testament Timeline

Book Author Date Written
55. Matthew
Matthew the Apostle 60 AD
56. Mark
Mark the Apostle 50 AD
57. Luke
Luke the Apostle 60 AD
58. John
John, brother of Apostle James the Greater 90 AD
59. Acts
Luke the Apostle 61 AD
60. Romans
Paul the Apostle 55 AD
61. 1 Corinthians
Paul the Apostle 54 AD
62. 2 Corinthians
Paul the Apostle 55 AD
63. Galatians
Paul the Apostle 49 AD
64. Ephesians
Paul the Apostle 60 AD
65. Philippians
Paul the Apostle 61 AD
66. Colossians
Paul the Apostle 60 AD
67. 1 Thessalonians
Paul the Apostle 50-51 AD
68. 2 Thessalonians
Paul the Apostle 50-51 AD
69. 1 Timothy
Paul the Apostle 62 AD
70. 2 Timothy
Paul the Apostle 63 AD
71. Titus
Paul the Apostle 62 AD
72. Philemon
Paul the Apostle 60 AD
73. Hebrews
Paul the Apostle, Apollos, ) 60’s AD
74. James
James, brother of Yahawashi 40’s or 50’s AD
75. 1 Peter
Peter the head Apostle 63 AD
76. 2 Peter
Peter the head Apostle 63-64 AD
77. 1 John
John, the Revelator late 80’s AD
78. 2 John
John, the Revelator late 80’s AD
79. 3 John
John, the Revelator late 80’s AD
80. Jude
Jude, brother of Yahawashi 60’s or 70’s AD
81. Revelation
John, the Revelator early 90’s AD


King James the I and the VI

Who was King James?

King James I of England (VI of Scotland) was a Christian who wanted the Bible in the hands of the common man. He commissioned the Authorized King James Version Bible in 1611AD. He was well known for his wisdom and was referred to as Great Britain’s Solomon.

Fluent in Greek, Latin, French, English, and his native Scots. Schooled in Italian and Spanish. Formed the foundation for what is now known as the British Empire by uniting warring tribes of Scotland and then enjoining the crowns of Scotland and England in 1603. He was the first to call his new kingdom, “Great Britain”.

He endured racism as a Scot ruling over the English, nevertheless had the love and admiration of many subjects. Years after his death, detractors tried to sully his good name. Unfortunately, it continues today, yet KJV translators, yea the King himself had predicted such.

King James was sickly having crippling arthritis, weak limbs, abdominal colic, gout, and a number of other chronic illnesses. He also had physical handicaps which affected his legs and tongue. Coupled with numerous attempts on his life, he required constant attention and watchcare.

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