There are many Stumbling Blocks out there from false doctrines, wrong names, false Prophets and so much more. We will use this section to shed light on these Stumbling Blocks so that you might keep your step by spotting.

if you have any questions about the scriptures that you believe is a stumbling block, contact us so that we can provide some edification on the subject.

The Book Of Enoch

bookenochThe Book of Enoch has false teachings that contradict the bible. The Book of Enoch was written roughly around 300BC which was way after the time that Enoch lived which was before the flood. The Real book of Enoch would have existed prior to the flood and would have been lost forever in the great flood.

Being that the book of Enoch added new ideas and concepts that contradict the bible and that are not confirmed in any bible book, it should not be used to interpret biblical laws or the Bible understanding.