Who are we?

Here you will find the truth of the bible as it is written. We are the messengers prophesied in the bible to come and preach of the 2nd coming of the the messiah of the Holy Bible whos’ real name is Yahawashi who the world has been deceived into calling Jesus Christ.

We explain the current unveiling world changes happening and connect them to the prophecies in the bible. You’ve found the real TRUTH now sit back and learn the true hidden history of the your world.

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But it’s our opinion right?… WRONG

This is the word of GOD, and we give the true Hebrew interpretation of the Hebrew Bible.


Recent Hebrew Israelite History

We have had a long and difficult journey since time immemorial and our history bares witness to it. Here you will find our recent history and we’ll guide you though the hidden corridors of knowledge to help explain the truth of the Holy Bible and it’s people, who are the Hebrew Israelites or what you would more likely know them as… The Negro, Latino, Native American Indians.

Listen to he current Apostles that lead the school and continue to push the truth


King Masha

Moshe ban Chareem, also known as King Masha or King David was born in the mid 1900s AD of the tribe of Judah

He took over the Israeli School after the death of Abba Bivens with help of with Elder High Priest Yaiqab. The name of the school was changed by adding U.P.K.(universal practical knowledge). Later in the 70’s they were helped by five other brothers and they were..

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High Priest Ahrayah

Ahrayah started his journey of serving the Lord at a young age.

Being the son of  Elder High Priest Yaiqab he was awoken to the truth of the scriptures from his youth, in 1973 Ahrayah, Yaiqab,  along with King Masha, were chosen to carry on teaching in Abba Bivens place. They took over the Israeli School and continued to teach the doctrine which Abba Bivens had showed them.

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Elder High Priest Yaiqab

In 1973 Elder High Priest Yaiqab took over the Israeli School after the death of Abba Bivens with help of with King Moshe. The name of the school was changed by adding U.P.K.(universal practical knowledge).

In 1973 Elder High Priest Yaiqab along with King Masha, were chosen to carry on teaching in Abba Bivens place. He took over the Israeli School with the Help of King Masha and his son High Priest Aryrah continued to teach the doctrine which Abba Bivens had showed them.

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High Priest Abba Bivens

In the 1960s an Israelite man of the tribe of Judah by the name of Ebar ban Yamin, also known as Abba Bivens and understood to be Elijah in the reincarnation, would change the world and turn the darkness into light for the Israelites in Captivity and bring them back to the truth of the Father. He started his journey by studying “Judaism” during the time of the emerging Black Jewish community in New Jersey New York area.

while in his biblical studies, he had a devine revelation that Blacks, along with the Latinos, and Native Indians were truly the Lost 12 Tribes of the Nation of Israel. He found out that the same people who suffered and died in slavery; and the same people who continue to suffer…

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The Truth Returns to ISRAEL

This marks the Point when the Truth came back to us Hebrew Israelites in it’s purest form, separating itself from the Doctrine of earlier Israelites such as Wentworth A. Matthew or F.S Cherry which doctrine was based off of the Khazarian JewISH traditions and also adopting the so-called Jewish people’s language of Yiddish along with only observing the Old Testament as well.

The Truth was revealed onto the then true High Priest of ISRAEL, High Priest Abba Bivens who was responsible for laying the path for the eventual forming of GreatMillStone and is who established many of the customs which are Observed today by GMS.

Below you will find information on the Israelites that were involved with the early oranizations that helped to build the enviroment which would lead to the re-awakening of ISRAEL.

Wentworth Arthur Matthew

Matthew traveled frequently around the country, establishing tenuous ties with black congregations interested in his doctrine. He insisted that the original Jews were black and that white Jews were either the product of centuries of intermarriage with Europeans or the descendants of Jacob’s brother Esau, whom the bible describes as having “red” skin. Matthew argued that the suffering of black people was in large measure God’s punishment for having violated the commandments.

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Frank Samuel Cherry

In 1886 Rev. F.S. Cherry an Israelite from the tribe of Judah started a “black Jew” church in Chattanooga, Tenn., where he preached that white people were the Edomites of the Bible. Cherry also instructed his followers that Yahawashi would return to install blacks over whites through a race war.

His Church is the oldest known Hebrew organization is the Church of the Living God, the Pillar Ground of Truth for All Nations. The group was founded by Frank S. Cherry in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1886, and later moved to Philadelphia. Theologically, the Church of the Living God mixed elements of Judaism and Christianity… Hence failed to achieve the ultimate truth, never the less it progressed the LORD’s plan of bring this truth to light.

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William Saunders Crowdy

In 1847, An Israelite named William of the tribe of Judah was born into slavery at the Chilsy Hills Farm, a plantation in Charlotte Hall, Maryland. His father was Basil Crowdy, a deeply religious man who oversaw the drying of clay for the plantation’s brick kiln.

While growing up William gained the nickname “Prophet”. While in Guthrie, on Tuesday, September 13, 1892, he had a vision which he believed to be from God calling on him to lead his people to the true religion. However he resisted this, and it was only when he had another alleged vision while chopping wood in 1895.

He started preaching in Guthrie, and then set up Tabernacles in Emporia and Lawrence, Kansas in 1896. Topeka, he spread the truth of the Hebrews in Sedalia, Missouri, Chicago, and several cities in New York, establishing an Elder-in-Charge in each city before moving to the next.

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Nat Turner the Israelite

Nat Turner

In 1831 An Israelite slave named Nathan (?????) “Nat Turner” of the tribe of Judah who was called “The Prophet” raised a small Israelite slave rebellion based on Bible teachings and visions of war and blood he had where the Caucasians where revealed to be the Edomite race. Many blacks today demonize this man who attempted to save them from oppression.

At childhood. He had told a story “when three or four years old” about an event that occurred before his birth in such detail that those around him were “greatly astonished,” Nathan states that the adults around him proclaimed he would be a “prophet, as the Lord had shewn me things that had happened before my birth”.

After being captured, A Lawyer meet with Nathan, the the enslaved preacher, in the Southampton County jail. Accused of leading a slave uprising that led to the deaths of fifty-five white people, and Gray eventually published what he said was Nathan’s confession.

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Gabriel Prosser the Israelite

Gabriel Prosser

n 1776, Gabriel of the tribe of Judah was an Israelite slave of Thomas H. Prosser, He was 6’2? and was about 25 years old. “A Fellow of courage and intellect above his rank in life.” Little is known of his childhood or family background. He had two brothers and a wife, Nanny, all slaves of Prosser. Gabriel learned to read and was a serious student of the Bible, where he found inspiration in the accounts of Israel’s delivery from slavery which lead him to teach fellow slaves thru inspiration of the Bible that they were Yahawah’s people and should rebel against the tyranny of America and setup a Kingdom where they take control and put Edom into captivity.

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